New Haven, CT - Connected World Creations (CWC), a technology startup and leader in the development of convenience and quality of life applications, is excited to announce the launch of WH@M (Who’s Around Me), a community-driven app that builds connections between people who share commonalities but are not yet in each other’s networks.

CWC believes that WH@M will allow people to create spur-of-the-moment connections and instantaneous associations with others who share a common link, new friend or old. “Whereas other social networks require there be some level of association with another individual in order to connect” said CWC founder Dr. Charles Glass, “WH@M will allow you to network with other like-minded individuals that you don’t already know”.

Tools for finding old classmates, colleagues or individuals with a common interests are quickly picking up momentum in the social space. Trends point to a growing need for simple and intuitive ways to forge meaningful connections, virtually.

“The technology we have developed for WH@M will connect you with someone who is waiting for the same plane as you, attending the same party as you or even working down the street from you. WH@M enables synergistic connections anywhere, anytime” Dr. Glass added.

The official launch date for the first generation WH@M application is July 3rd, 2017. The first generation app will be available for iOS and available for download for free on iTunes.

About Connected World Creations

Connected World Creations (CWC) is a startup technology company based in New Haven, CT. CWC creates convenience and quality of life applications for desktop, mobile and wearables.